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Inasmuch as google ads consultant based in Paris, I am your trusted partner to propel your online visibility to new heights. With an in-depth knowledge of the Google Ads platform, I create and optimize tailor-made campaigns that captivate your audience, generate qualified traffic and increase your conversions. 

What is Google ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google. It allows advertisers to create and serve paid ads that appear on Google search results, as well as on other Google partner websites and apps. These ads are displayed based on keywords entered by users into search engines, allowing advertisers to specifically target relevant audiences.

Why use Google Ads?

Google Ads offers businesses a valuable opportunity to increase their online visibility. With its ability to specifically target users interested in particular products or services, Google Ads allows advertisers to achieve a more targeted return on investment.

With complete budget control and the ability to measure the performance of each ad in real time, businesses can adjust their strategies quickly to optimize results.

By using Google Ads, businesses can not only stand out in a competitive environment, but also directly reach those who are most likely to be interested in what they have to offer.

On average, I optimize my clients' Google ads account by more than 30%.

My process in 4 pillars









Areas of intervention


These campaigns focus on displaying relevant text ads to users who search Google using specific keywords.


Display campaigns display display, visual, or video ads on a large network of Google-partnered websites, mobile apps, and other platforms.


These campaigns allow online merchants to promote their products by displaying ads with images, prices, and other relevant information.

Maximum performance

They're designed to automatically optimize your ads across multiple Google channels, including search, display, YouTube, Discover, and Gmail, to reach a wider audience.

With my support

Customer case study

Find out how I transformed Wonderglass' online presence with my mastery of SEA and impactful Google Ads strategies. Dive into the captivating case study that reveals how we rose to the challenge of maximizing our client's visibility while optimizing their advertising investments.

My stats on Google ads

Stats that testify to the undeniable power of Google ads to attract your potential customers.

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Complementary services to Google ads

When it comes to optimizing a company's online presence, it's important to consider not only Google Ads, but also complementary strategies such as Social Media Advertising (SMA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While Google Ads makes it possible to specifically target users through paid ads, SMA provides the ability to engage audiences on social media platforms, building brand awareness and engagement.

On the other hand, SEO aims to improve the natural ranking of a website in search results, which promotes organic and sustainable traffic.

By skillfully integrating Google Ads, SMA and SEO, businesses can create a complete and balanced online strategy, maximizing their visibility, engagement and long-term success.


I am dedicated to amplifying your brand online through targeted SMA advertising strategies. Together, let's take up the challenge of propelling your presence to new heights.


My goal is to propel your brand to the top of online rankings. Count on my relentless commitment to offer you exceptional visibility and results that make a difference.

Frequently asked questions about Google ads

Google Ads provides immediate visibility by placing your ads at the top of search results. Thanks to precise targeting based on criteria such as keywords, location and interests, you directly reach people interested in your products or services. The pay-per-click (PPC) model ensures that you only pay for actual clicks on your ads, maximizing return on investment. Moreover, you have full control over the budget and performance can be measured in real time.

Google Ads campaigns are essential to effectively promote your products or services online. They provide instant and targeted visibility, generating qualified traffic to your website. Campaigns can be adjusted based on real-time results, ensuring that your advertising budget is used wisely. By reaching users when they are actively searching for what you offer, you maximize the chances of conversion.

Google Ads is beneficial for a diverse range of businesses and individuals, from small local businesses to large international corporations. If you want to increase your online visibility, target a specific audience, and get measurable results, Google Ads can be a valuable strategy. Businesses looking to increase sales, generate leads, or increase brand awareness can all benefit from using Google Ads.

The minimum budget for Google Ads can vary depending on several factors such as industry, competition, chosen keywords and campaign objectives. Google Ads lets you set a daily budget, and it's recommended that you start with a budget that matches your goals and your market competition. In general, there is no fixed minimum budget, but it is advisable to make adjustments over time based on performance.

Google Ads can help you by increasing your online visibility and driving qualified traffic to your website. By precisely targeting relevant users, you increase the chances of conversion, whether for sales, registrations or other objectives. Additionally, the platform provides tools to measure and adjust performance, allowing for continuous optimization of your campaigns. By combining Google Ads with other marketing strategies, you can create a strong and effective online presence.

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