Little Petra in 3 days: A Dream Expedition

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Welcome, courageous adventurers! You are in the right place if you seek an exciting and exotic journey. At the moment, we offer you an unforgettable trip to Jordan's desert to explore Petite Petra, a hidden gem. Hold on tight, for this will be an unforgettable experience!

There are places with a magical power to transport you to another time and another world, as you know. In fact, Petite Petra is one of them. Over three days, we will embark on a dream journey where the desert holds many secrets that we will unveil in this three-day dream itinerary.

Before setting off, here's a glimpse of what awaits you on this incredible adventure:

  • Day 1 :We will immerse ourselves in the grandeur of Petra, this ancient city carved into the rock, before preparing ourselves for the true journey to Petite Petra.
  • Day 2 : A picturesque hike will lead us through breathtaking landscapes to Little Petra, where we will camp under the stars
  • Day 3 : Rise with the sun and let's set out to discover these hidden treasures of little Petra, laden with history and mystery.

Are you tempted by this? I'm convinced you are! Strap on your hats because the adventure begins right away. Follow the guide to experience your journey in Petite Petra!

Day 1: Arrival at Petra

The Pink City unveiled: Welcome to Petra!

Google map : Location

The majestic cliffs of Petra are bathed in a golden glow as the sun slowly rises on the horizon. Before the crowds begin to pour in, we have reached this ancient site, and it was well worth it! Petra, also known as "the Rose City," is a natural wonder and a true hidden treasure among the rocks.

An Indiana Jones-style adventure in the Siq

the Siq of Petra

As we pass through the narrow and winding passage of the Siq, one feels like Indiana Jones on the brink of discovering a lost civilization. The rocky walls rise on each side, as if guarding Petra's secrets with jealousy. As we progress, the famous Treasury (Al-Khazneh) unfolds before our astonished eyes. It's a spectacle beyond description.

A plunge into the thousand-year-old history of Petra

We spend the morning exploring Petra's main attractions: the intricately carved royal tombs, the millennia-old theaters where plays and ceremonies once took place, and, of course, the colorful facades that allow us to envision the past grandeur of this civilization.

A culinary lunch break in Petra

After immersing ourselves in enough history and culture, it's time to prepare for the real adventure in Petite Petra. We take a lunch break at one of the charming restaurants in the area and savor the local dishes.

Heading for Petite Petra : Hiking in desert landscapes

In the early afternoon, we leave Petra to embark on our hike towards Little Petra. This is where the adventure becomes even more exhilarating! The trail winds through spectacular desert landscapes, with intriguing rock formations and valleys of ever-changing colors. The silence of the desert is soothing, and the warm air gives us a sense of total freedom.

Heading for Petite Petra : Hiking in desert landscapes


We leave Petra in the early afternoon to begin our hike to Little Petra. This is where the adventure gets even more intense! The trail crosses magnificent desert landscapes with fascinating rock formations and colorful valleys. The silence and warm desert air give us a feeling of total freedom.

The magical sunset over Little Petra

After a revitalizing walk, we can finally see the remains of Little Petra on the horizon. The sky is now tinged orange and pink by the first rays of the setting sun. What an enchanting sight!

Camping under the stars: An unforgettable evening

We set up our camp near the ruins, under the shimmering light of the desert stars. We share stories and laughter around the campfire while savoring a delicious meal lovingly prepared by our team. It will be etched in our memories as a moment of camaraderie and connection with nature.

A night full of mystery

The desert is gently embraced by the night, shrouding Little Petra in its ancient mystery. We are eager to uncover the wonders of Petite Petra tomorrow, as the nocturnal silence feels almost sacred.

And so our first day of adventure comes to an end, full of discoveries, emotions and encounters. Keep following our journey, because day two will be even more exciting as we discover the hidden treasures of Little Petra! Are you ready to continue the adventure? We'll be back tomorrow morning for another experience of desert magic!

Day 2: Hike to Little Petra

Little Petra
Google map : Location

Preparing for adventure: Essential equipment and safety tips

Today, we're getting ready for an exciting day of hiking through the magnificent landscapes of the Jordanian desert. It's essential to be well equipped before embarking on this adventure to ensure our comfort and safety.

  • Backpack full : We fill our backpacks with the essentials: plenty of water, energy snacks, sun cream, hat, sunglasses, camera and a small first-aid kit for emergencies.
  • Appropriate clothing: The temperatures can be extreme in the desert, with hot days and cool nights. Therefore, for the hike, we choose lightweight and breathable clothing, but we also bring along extra layers for the evening.
  • Sturdy hiking boots: To traverse the rocky trails of the desert, you need sturdy hiking shoes. They will provide the support and comfort we need for this adventure.
  • Safety tips : Our guide gives us essential tips to stay safe during the hike before we set off. He reminds us to drink enough water, not to stray from the marked paths, and to remember to protect our skin from the scorching sun.

Departure for Little Petra: In the footsteps of the ancient caravaneers

We begin our journey to Little Petra with our backpacks securely fastened and our hiking shoes tightly laced. At the start of the trail, we have the opportunity to behold the first images of the desert. A stunning spectacle is presented with endless golden dunes, dotted with astonishing rock formations.

Our guide explains the history of the ancient caravaners who used these paths to transport goods between cities during their journeys. Their laden caravans traversed these vast desert expanses almost as we do today.

Natural beauty of the Jordanian desert: Wonder at every step

Google map : Location

As we progress, the magic of the desert begins to work its charm. Each step unveils a new facet of the natural beauty surrounding us, from the sand to the dancing shadows on the rocks. We take the time to immerse ourselves in this spectacular environment, capturing photos to create unforgettable memories.

After a delightful excursion, Little Petra appears before us, like a hidden treasure in the desert. We stand in awe of the pink cliffs and ancient ruins. Time seems to stand still in this magical moment.

We have plenty of time to soak up the mystical atmosphere that prevails here. The city of Petra was once an important commercial center along with Little Petra. Thousands of years ago, this area was still bustling with activity.

Setting up camp: Under the twinkling stars

small Petra camp

Finally, we find our campsite in a serene location, surrounded by the history and beauty of Little Petra. We set up our small camp in the desert and pitch our tents. The evening holds promise as we are certain to spend the night under a magnificent starlit sky.

We gather around the campfire to share stories, emotions, and laughter once the camp is set up. Creating invaluable connections with nature and our fellow travelers strengthens our love for this wild and preserved land.

Our second day of adventure in Little Petra comes to a close. Our journey is not yet over! Tomorrow, we will delve further into the hidden treasures of this captivating region. Get ready for the next chapter of the story, as it promises to be even more awe-inspiring! See you tomorrow morning to continue this exciting adventure in Jordan's desert!

Day 3: Exploration of Little Petra

In-depth exploration of hidden treasures

 hidden treasures of little Petra
Google map :

The sun rises slowly over Little Petra, casting a pleasant light on the pink cliffs. We are on our third day of adventure, eagerly anticipating the hidden treasures of this exceptional historical site.

An immersion in history: tombs, temples and ancient dwellings

Tombs of Little Petra

Our enthusiastic local guide leads us through the mysteries of Little Petra. Each street reveals new wonders, representations of an ancient and prosperous civilization.

With their meticulous detail and ornate facades, the rock-sculpted tombs catch our eye. Our Petra travel guide explains their significance and importance in the funeral rites of the time.

Cave temples, places of worship dedicated to the deities of antiquity, have also been discovered. The patterns carved into the stone tell mystical stories of ancient beliefs, immersing us in a captivating environment.

Mystery and wonder: The unique atmosphere of Little Petra

The ambiance of Little Petra is truly captivating. It's hard not to feel the presence of the ancient inhabitants who lived in this place thousands of years ago. The well-preserved desert ruins, the beauty of the surrounding nature, and the serenity transport us back in time.

We chose to willingly get lost in this labyrinth of rocks, inspecting every corner with interest. It seems the stones guard their secrets jealously, inviting us to uncover their mysteries.

A journey through time

In the past, Little Petra served as a crucial stop on the caravan route, a place of trade and culture. Now, we have the privilege of following in the footsteps of these ancient explorers and discovering what they left behind.

The stones tell a fascinating story of perseverance, inventiveness and achievement. We are deeply connected to the ancestors who built this extraordinary place, and we are grateful for the chance to experience it.

An emotional farewell

As we leave Little Petra, our minds are filled with mixed emotions. We regret parting ways with this enchanting place that has captivated us so deeply. On the other hand, we are thrilled to have lived this extraordinary experience and to have discovered a hidden treasure in the desert of Jordan.

Our memories of little Petra remain unshakeable, and we take with us the unforgettable memories of this exciting adventure.

Practical advice for your adventure

The best time to visit Little Petra

Google map : Location

Choosing the right time for your journey to Little Petra is crucial to have the ultimate experience. It is best to plan your visit between October and April as the Jordanian desert can be extremely hot during the summer. During this period, temperatures are more favorable for hiking and exploring the sites.

Lodging and camping options in the region

Camping is an excellent option for an authentic desert experience for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Campsites are available in and around Petra. You can also camp wild in designated areas, but make sure you respect conservation rules and leave no garbage behind.

Petra also offers a variety of hotels, guesthouses, and lodges for you to relax after a day of adventures if you prefer more comfortable accommodation.

Diet and hydration during the adventure

Little Petra's diet

It is essential to stay well-hydrated when embarking on an adventure in the desert. Since temperatures can be high, and dehydration is a risk, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

When it comes to meals, ensure a balanced diet to provide you with the necessary energy for hiking and exploration. During breaks, opt for healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and energy bars to recharge your batteries.

Respect for the environment and local customs

It is crucial to respect the fragile environment of Little Petra and the Jordanian desert in general when traveling there. Always keep your camping areas clean and avoid leaving any waste behind.

You should also respect local traditions and residents. Jordan has a warm culture and a rich history. When exploring, learn some basic Arabic and be respectful of the locals.

Safety first and foremost

Safety is essential during a desert expedition. Do not stray from marked trails and always follow the advice of your local guide. While the desert can be a challenging environment, being prepared and respecting safety rules will allow you to have an incredible and peaceful experience.

Google map : Location

We arrived at the end of our three-day trip to Little Petra, brave adventurers. We had an unforgettable experience exploring the hidden treasures of the Jordanian desert, immersing ourselves in Petra's thousand-year-old history and marvelling at the wild beauty of Petite Petra.

Now, you have a complete itinerary to embark on your own adventure in Little Petra. In these places filled with history and mystery, each visitor leaves an unforgettable impression. Share your impressions, experiences, and maybe even your stunning desert photos. Your stories will inspire others to explore the beauty of this enchanting place.

Put on your hiking boots, pack your backpack and set off on an adventure in the Jordanian desert. May this experience bring you inspiration, connection with nature and discovery, leaving a lasting imprint on your heart.

Bon voyage, and see you soon for new adventures!

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