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Honolulu: The Island of Happiness under the Hawaiian Sun



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General information

Located on the island of Oahu, Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, a paradise destination popular for its white sand beaches, legendary surfing waves and unique Polynesian culture.


Honolulu is home to a diverse population, mixing Hawaiian, American and Asian cultures. The locals are known for their warm hospitality.



Honolulu enjoys a tropical climate with mild temperatures all year round. Precipitation is more common in winter, but sunny days are the norm.


The official currency is US dollar (USD).


English is the primary language, but Hawaiian and Hawaiian Pidgin are also spoken. You will find many locals who also speak Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

A bit of history

Honolulu's history dates back to the arrival of the first Polynesians in the Hawaiian archipelago more than 1,500 years ago. These early inhabitants brought their culture, traditions, and knowledge of navigation, helping to shape Hawaiian society.

Over the centuries, the Hawaiian Islands became home to a complex chieftaincy system, with Honolulu as a major site. King Kamehameha I unified the Hawaiian Islands in the early 19th century, establishing the Kingdom of Hawaii. Honolulu became the capital of this kingdom in 1845.

Over the decades, Honolulu continued to thrive as Hawaii's economic, cultural, and tourism center. It has become a hub of the Pacific, welcoming visitors, business travelers and military personnel stationed at the Pearl Harbor base.

Today, Honolulu's rich and varied history is still palpable in its architecture, cultural festivals and the mosaic of cultures that coexist harmoniously. The city maintains a fine balance between its Polynesian heritage, its royal history, and its status as a modern United States city, providing a unique experience for visitors who want to explore its past while immersing themselves in its dynamic present.


What to visit in Honolulu?

Discover Honolulu's hidden gems as you explore its iconic attractions and exciting activities.

Pearl Harbor

Waikiki Beach

Diamond Head

The Bishop Museum

When to visit Honolulu?

The best time to visit Honolulu is from May to September. During these months the weather is generally sunny with pleasant temperatures, ideal for outdoor activities.

What to do around Honolulu?

The treasures aren't limited to the city center. The surrounding areas of Honolulu also offer unique experiences.

Manoa Falls

Waimea Valley

Lanikai beach

Hanauma Bay

Our selection of accommodation in Honolulu


You want to use a travel agency to go to Hawaii.
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Our selection of Restaurant in Honolulu

Discover a palette of flavors through our selection of restaurants in Honolulu. From local cuisine to international delicacies, these establishments promise a memorable dining experience.

Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar

Marukame Udon Waikiki

Hy's Steak House - Waikiki


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Events not to be missed in Honolulu

Take part in exciting festivals and cultural events throughout the year.

Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Festival

The Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Festival is an annual celebration of Hawaiian culture held in Hilo on the island of Hawaii, but its influence extends far beyond that city. This renowned event is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Hawaiian arts, with a particular emphasis on hula dancing.

Hawaii International Film Festival

The Hawaii International Film Festival is a world-renowned film event held in Honolulu. Every year, it attracts filmmakers, actors and cinema enthusiasts from all over the world. This festival highlights a variety of films, from arthouse cinema to blockbusters, including fascinating documentaries.

Transportation in Honolulu


For greater flexibility during your stay in Honolulu and if you plan to visit places outside the city, car rental is a great option. There are many car rental agencies located at the Honolulu International Airport, and you can also find rental agencies in various areas of the city. This will allow you to explore the island at your own pace.


City buses, operated by Oahu Transit Services, provide an affordable and convenient way to get around Honolulu. They serve many destinations in the city, including residential areas, tourist attractions and beaches.


Taxis are a common transportation option in Honolulu. You can easily find taxis in most areas of the city, especially in tourist areas like Waikiki. Taxis offer added convenience for those who prefer door-to-door transportation, although it can be a little more expensive than buses.


  1. Honolulu offers a shared bike system called “Biki.” You can rent bikes from stations throughout the city. It's an ideal option for exploring Honolulu in an eco-friendly way and for taking advantage of the city's many well-maintained bike paths. This will also allow you to discover some places that are less accessible by car.

Cost of living in Honolulu

Average Salary in Honolulu
High cost of living 75%

Honolulu offers a range of options for all budgets, but it's good to be aware of potential costs.


Housing in Honolulu can be expensive, with high demand for vacation rentals and beachfront hotels.


Restaurants vary in price, but casual meals generally cost between 10 and 20 $ per person, while upscale restaurants are more expensive.


Public transportation is affordable, but car rental can be expensive due to the price of gasoline.


Outdoor activities are often free, but guided tours and excursions can be expensive.

Activities not to be missed in Honolulu

Practical information

Honolulu is generally considered a safe destination, but it is always wise to remain vigilant, especially in busy tourist areas. The electrical outlets are type A and B, with a voltage of 120V. In case of emergency, call 911.

Travel insurance for Hawaii

Travel insurance is especially important if you plan to travel to Hawaii.

Although the country is relatively safe for tourists, it is always possible to encounter unforeseen situations such as health problems, lost or stolen luggage, or transport delays.

In such cases, travel insurance can help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently, without having to bear high costs or additional complications. 

Cash Management

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Frequently asked questions

The best time to visit Honolulu is generally from May to September. During these months the weather is sunny and temperatures are pleasant, ideal for enjoying beaches and outdoor activities.

As a tourist, you will need a valid passport. If you are a United States citizen, you do not need a visa to travel to Honolulu. However, be sure to check specific entry requirements based on your nationality.

Honolulu offers many fun family activities, including visiting the Waikiki Aquarium, botanical gardens, catamaran trips, family hikes, and of course, beach days for swimming and sandcastles.

You can arrange a tour of Diamond Head Crater by going to Diamond Head National Park. There is a trail leading to the top of the crater which offers a spectacular view. Make sure to arrive early in the morning to avoid the heat and crowds.

Honolulu's top attractions include Pearl Harbor and its memorial, 'Iolani Palace, the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Beach, Kapi'olani Park, and of course, the beautiful white sand beaches.

Be sure to taste the famous poke (a marinated raw fish dish), laulau (stuffed taro leaves), loco moco (a dish made from rice, hamburger and egg), and the delicious dishes of fresh tropical fruits like papaya and pineapple.

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