Los Angeles: Travel Guide

Discover the vibrant energy of Los Angeles, the City of Angels! The second largest city in the United States, is famous for its dynamic atmosphere, its Hollywood glamor


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General information

Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the United States, is famous for its dynamic atmosphere, Hollywood glamour, and eclectic blend of cultures. The city offers a multitude of exciting activities, from the sunny beaches of Malibu to the boutiques of Rodeo Drive, and the legendary film studios.


The city of Los Angeles has approximately 4 million inhabitants, making it the second most populous city in the United States after New York.


Los Angeles enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. Summer temperatures typically reach around 30°C, while winter temperatures remain mild, hovering around 15°C. The city is renowned for its abundant sunshine throughout the year.


The official currency is the United States dollar (USD).


English is the primarily spoken language in Los Angeles. However, due to its cultural diversity, you will also find many residents speaking Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and other international languages.

A bit of history

The history of Los Angeles, as we know it today, began when the Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo discovered the San Pedro Bay in 1542. However, it was only in 1769 that the Spanish expedition led by Gaspar de Portolà and Junípero Serra founded the San Gabriel Arcángel mission, marking the start of Spanish colonization in the region.

After the Mexican-American War in 1848, Los Angeles became a part of the United States. The discovery of gold in California and the Gold Rush led to a population increase in Los Angeles, and the city became a significant economic and commercial center.

In the 20th century, Los Angeles became famous for its entertainment industry. The opening of the first film studio in Hollywood in 1911 laid the foundation for the city's thriving film industry. Studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures thrived in Los Angeles, attracting actors, directors, and artists from all over the world.

Since then, Los Angeles has continued to grow and thrive. The city has become a cultural melting pot with ethnic diversity and a vibrant art scene. It is also renowned for its beautiful beaches, sunny climate, and tourist attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Getty Center, the Griffith Observatory, and the Disneyland amusement park.

Today, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the United States and remains a major cultural, economic, and creative hub. Its rich and diverse history has shaped its unique identity, making it a sought-after destination for both residents and visitors from around the world.

What to do in Los Angeles

You won't be short of options for entertainment in Los Angeles. The city is filled with activities for every taste, whether it's visiting iconic attractions, enjoying beautiful beaches, exploring a vibrant art scene, or venturing into the surrounding nature.

Walk of Fame

Los Angeles county museum

Venice Beach

Downtown Los Angeles

What to do in Los Angeles

The best time to visit Los Angeles is usually from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. However, it is important to note that summers can be quite hot, with temperatures regularly exceeding 30°C (86°F).

  • The dry season: from May to October.
  • The rainy season: from November to February.

If you prefer milder temperatures, the spring months (March to May) and autumn months (September to November) offer pleasant climates to explore the city.

What to do around Los Angeles

Explore the picturesque surroundings of Los Angeles and discover exciting destinations nearby. Whether you want to venture into nature, visit historical towns, or indulge in wine country life, the areas surrounding LA offer a variety of enriching experiences.


Joshua Tree

Santa Barbara

Channel Islands

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Customized itinerary for the United States.

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Our selection of restaurants in Los Angeles

Discover the diverse culinary scene of Los Angeles and be enchanted by flavors and cuisines from around the world. From fine dining to street delights, this city offers a multitude of options to satisfy your discerning palate.



The events not to be missed in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city filled with vibrant events and cultural activities throughout the year. Whether you are passionate about cinema, music, art, or sports, LA offers a lively calendar of events not to be missed.

The Sudance's film festival

Every year, the Sundance Film Festival in Los Angeles attracts film enthusiasts from around the world. This major event showcases independent films, captivating documentaries, and bold creations. You'll have the opportunity to see films before their official release, attend Q&A sessions with directors and actors, and immerse yourself in the excitement of the film industry.

Grammy awards

If you're a music fan, don't miss the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. The world's top artists and musicians come together to celebrate outstanding achievements in the music industry. You can try to attend the ceremony itself or simply enjoy the electrifying atmosphere that permeates the city during this event.

Transportation in Los Angeles


The Los Angeles metro system, consisting of several lines, allows for easy transportation within the city and access to some tourist sites.


The bus network of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) covers the entire city and provides an affordable transportation option.


Taxis are also available throughout the city, but it's important to make sure the driver uses the meter to avoid scams. Taxis can be hailed on the street or called by phone.

The living cost in Los Angeles

The avarege salary in Los Angeles
The cost of living is very affordable. 70%

Before planning your trip to Los Angeles, it is important to consider the cost of living in this dynamic city. Whether it's accommodation, food, transportation, or entertainment, having an idea of the necessary budget will help you better organize your stay.


 The cost of housing in Los Angeles can vary considerably depending on the location and type of accommodation. Popular coastal neighborhoods like Santa Monica and Venice are generally more expensive, while other neighborhoods like Koreatown or Silver Lake offer more affordable options. Hotel prices also vary based on the level of luxury and location.


Los Angeles offers a diverse range of restaurants, from upscale establishments to small street vendors. The prices of meals vary accordingly, but in general, it is possible to find affordable options, especially in neighborhoods popular among students and artists.


 The cost of transportation in Los Angeles can be reasonable if you opt for public transportation such as the metro and buses. Fares vary depending on the distance traveled. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also available and offer flexibility in terms of pricing.


The costs of entertainment in Los Angeles can vary depending on your preferences. Museums and tourist attractions usually have entrance fees, but there are also many free or low-cost events and activities. Theater shows, concerts, and other performances may have varying ticket prices depending on the venue and event.

Practical information

It is recommended to research safe areas of the city and consult with local authorities' advice and recommendations before going on excursions or traveling outside the city. Additionally, it is advised to stay informed about the latest updates on the city's security situation by checking local and international media.


Travel insurance is particularly important if you plan to travel to the United States.

Although the city is relatively safe for tourists, it is still possible to encounter unexpected situations such as health issues, lost or stolen luggage, or transportation delays.

In such cases, travel insurance can help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently, without having to bear high costs or additional complications. 


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