Miami: Travel Guide

Discover the effervescence of Florida under the brilliant sun, a vibrant city renowned for its white sandy beaches, colorful Art Deco architecture, and cosmopolitan atmosphere!


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General information

Miami, a vibrant city located in the southeastern part of Florida, is a tropical paradise where lively nightlife, exquisite cuisine, and a booming art scene come together.


Miami is a large city, but as most would think, it has no more than 450,000 inhabitants, making it the 44th most populous city in the United States.


Miami enjoys a warm tropical climate all year round. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching 30°C, while winters are mild and pleasant, with average temperatures around 20°C.


The official currency is the United States dollar (USD).


The official language is English, but a majority also speaks Spanish.

A bit of history

The history of Miami as a modern city begins in the 19th century when Florida became a territory of the United States after the Spanish cession in 1819. At that time, the Miami region was sparsely populated and underdeveloped.

In the 1920s, Miami experienced another period of rapid growth with a real estate boom and land speculation. However, this enthusiasm collapsed in 1926 with the Miami hurricane, which caused significant damage and led to an economic crisis. Despite this, the city quickly rebounded and continued to develop.

Over the decades, Miami has become a hub for the tourism, commerce, and finance industries. Its prime location, pleasant climate, and cosmopolitan atmosphere have contributed to its appeal. The city's population has also experienced significant growth, especially with the arrival of numerous immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today, Miami is a vibrant, multicultural metropolis, which combines a modern urban lifestyle with a distinct tropical flair. It attracts visitors from all over the world with its stunning beaches, lively nightlife and cultural melting pot.

Miami's history is a testament to its constant evolution, overcoming challenges and ability to reinvent itself. It is a city that continues to thrive and capture the imagination of those who visit it.

What to visit in Miami

Discover the treasures of Miami and explore a multitude of exciting activities that await you in this vibrant city.

South Beach

Art Deco


Villa Vizcaya.

When to visit Miami

The best time to visit Miami is usually from November to April when the temperatures are mild, and the risk of showers is lower. It's the high season with a higher influx of tourists, but you can fully enjoy outdoor activities and cultural events in the city.

  • The dry season: from May to September. 
  • The wet season: from November to April.

What to do around Miami

If you're looking for cities to visit around Miami, you've come to the right place! In this section, we present you with the best destinations near Miami, whether they are charming colonial towns, spectacular natural sites, or traditional villages. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the wonders of the South Florida region.


Key Biscayne

Coconut Grove

Fort Lauderdale

Our selection of accommodations in Miami

Customized itinerary for the United States.

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Our selection of restaurants in Miami

If you're looking for the best restaurants to experience Southern cuisine in the United States, you've come to the right place! In this section, we present you with the finest establishments to savor local specialties and explore new tastes and flavors in this food-loving city of Miami.

Joe's Stone Crab


Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

The events not to be missed in Miami

Discover the most popular events in the city, whether they are festivals, concerts, sports competitions, or other cultural gatherings. Explore the dynamic events that enliven Miami's life throughout the year.

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most prestigious and anticipated art events in the city of Miami. Every year, during one week, this event transforms the city into a global showcase of contemporary art. Art galleries from all over the world present works from emerging and established artists, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and the curious.

Calle Ocho Festival

The Calle Ocho Festival is a lively and colorful event held annually in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. It is the largest Hispanic street party in the United States, celebrating Cuban and Latin American culture. The streets come alive with live music performances, traditional dances, vibrant costume parades, and a variety of stands offering delicious Latin American culinary specialties.

Transportation in Miami


Buses are also an economical option for getting around in Miami. There are urban buses that operate throughout the city, as well as intercity buses that connect Miami to other cities in Florida.


Taxis are also available throughout the city, but it's important to make sure the driver uses the meter to avoid scams. Taxis can be hailed on the street or called by phone.

The living cost in Miami

The Avrage salary in Miami
High cost of living 75%

The cost of living in Miami is generally similar to that of major cities in the Northern United States and Europe, making it an appealing destination for travelers. Here are some examples of common costs in Miami:


The cost of housing in Miami varies depending on the location and type of accommodation. Beachfront hotels and luxury accommodations are generally more expensive, but there are also affordable options such as hostels and vacation rentals.


Restaurants in Miami offer a wide variety of choices, from affordable food stands to high-end gourmet restaurants. Prices can vary depending on the type of cuisine and location, but it is possible to find options for all budgets.


 Public transportation in Miami is relatively affordable, with fares for Metrobus and Metrorail. Taxis and ride-sharing services also have competitive rates. Car rental can be more expensive, but it offers flexibility to explore the area.


Miami entertainment costs vary depending on the activities chosen. Popular tourist attractions, concerts, and special events may have higher prices, but there are also plenty of free or low-cost activities, like enjoying public beaches or exploring lively areas of the city.

The activities not to be missed in Miami

Practical information

It is recommended to research safe areas of the city and consult with local authorities' advice and recommendations before going on excursions or traveling outside the city. Additionally, it is advised to stay informed about the latest updates on the city's security situation by checking local and international media.


Travel insurance is particularly important if you plan to travel to Miami, in the United States.

Although the city is relatively safe for tourists, it is still possible to encounter unexpected situations such as health issues, lost or stolen luggage, or transportation delays.

In such cases, travel insurance can help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently, without having to bear high costs or additional complications. 


When traveling to Miami, it is important to consider several practical aspects to manage your money effectively. Firstly, it is recommended to use ATMs to withdraw cash in US dollars.

However, make sure to withdraw money from safe and well-lit locations such as shopping centers or banks. Avoid exchanging money in the streets or non-official locations as it can be risky and you may be scammed.

It is also important to travel with international credit or debit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard. Check with your bank for transaction fees that may apply to using these cards abroad. It is also recommended to notify your bank of your international travel to avoid any blockage of your card due to suspicious activity.

Lastly, it is recommended to use online payment apps such as Revolut to avoid transaction fees and benefit from competitive exchange rates. Make sure to download the app and set it up before your trip to the United States.