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Discover Sliema in Malta: Sunny beaches, fascinating history and a Mediterranean vibe.



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General information

Nestled on the northeast coast of Malta, Sliema is a vibrant seaside destination that perfectly blends the natural beauty of the Mediterranean with a rich and captivating history. Its golden beaches, stylish shops and lively nightlife make it an ideal vacation spot for travelers seeking sun, culture and relaxation.


Sliema's population is diverse and cosmopolitan. It is made up of both friendly locals and expatriates from all over the world, which creates a unique multicultural atmosphere. Locals are generally welcoming and proud to share their cultural heritage with visitors.


Sliema enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round. Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures hovering around 30°C, while winters remain mild and moderate, ideal for exploring the region without the intense summer heat.


The official currency is the Euro (EUR).


The official language is Maltese and English.

A bit of history

The history of Sliema is a journey through the ages that reveals the many facets of this charming coastal town. Dating back to ancient times, the first Phoenician inhabitants left their mark on this region, establishing an enduring link between Sliema and Mediterranean roots. However, it was in the following centuries that the history of Sliema truly blossomed.

In medieval times, Sliema was a fertile agricultural area, providing essential products for Malta's prosperity. The arrival of the Knights of the Order of Saint John in the 16th century marked a decisive turning point for the region. The Knights built fortifications, watchtowers and bastions to protect the coast from the constant threats of the times.


What to visit in Sliema?

Discover the treasures that await you in Sliema and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience in the heart of this enchanting destination. Here are some suggestions to start your adventure.

Fort Tigné

Tower Road

When to visit Sliema?

The best time to visit Sliema and Malta in general is from May to September. During these months, the weather is warm and sunny, perfect for enjoying the beaches and outdoor activities. The fall and spring months can also be pleasant, offering milder temperatures and fewer tourist crowds.

What to do around Sliema?

Explore the surroundings of Sliema and discover hidden gems, historical sites and unique experiences that will enrich your trip.


San Julian



Our selection of accommodation in Sliema


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Our selection of Restaurant in Sliema

Discover Sliema's thriving food scene and revel in the Mediterranean and international flavors offered by these renowned restaurants.


Ta' Kris

Trattoria del Mare

Tiffany's Bistro

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Unmissable events in Sliema

Immerse yourself in the culture and energy of Sliema by attending these unique events that add a special touch to your stay.

International Fireworks Festival

International Fireworks Festival

The International Fireworks Festival is a spectacular event in Malta. Teams from around the world create stunning pyrotechnic displays, lighting up the skies above Valletta. An unforgettable experience combining lights, colors and wonder,

Malta Fashion Week

Malta Fashion Week

Malta Fashion Week is an exciting fashion week in Malta. Local and international designers present their latest collections in elegant fashion shows. This event showcases the creativity and style of the Maltese fashion industry, providing a glamorous showcase for current trends.

Transport in Sliema


Local buses are one of the most popular and economical means of transport in Valletta. With a well-developed network, the bus service makes it easy to get around the city and explore its surroundings. You can choose from various routes to reach major attractions, beaches, and nearby neighborhoods. Rates are affordable, making it a preferred option for travelers seeking independence and flexibility.


Taxis in Valletta offer a more comfortable and quick solution for getting around. You will find taxis easily accessible in tourist areas and busy places. Although taxis are more expensive than buses, they are ideal for those who prefer a private and direct transportation option. Do not hesitate to agree the price with the driver before departure to avoid any confusion.


The ferries add a scenic touch to your travel experience in Valletta. They connect the city to other Maltese destinations including Sliema and the Three Cities (Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua). Boarding a ferry not only offers a means of transport, but also an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the harbor and the coast. It is a pleasant option to experience the maritime beauty of Malta while on the move.

The cost of living in Sliema

Average Salary in Malta
Average cost of living 50%

Find out what you can expect in terms of the cost of living in Sliema and get ready to fully enjoy your stay without breaking the bank.


Accommodation prices in Sliema vary depending on the type of accommodation, the season and the amenities offered. From luxury beachfront hotels to rental apartments, there are options for every budget.


Restaurants in Sliema offer a range of prices to suit different budgets. You can find affordable options at local cafes and bistros, as well as more upscale dining experiences at well-known establishments.


Public transport in Malta, including buses and ferries, is relatively affordable. Taxi fares can vary depending on distance, so it is advisable to check prices before boarding.


Leisure and entertainment activities in Sliema, such as guided tours, boat trips and entry to attractions, are generally well priced. Prices vary depending on the activity, but there are options for all budgets.

Activities not to be missed in Sliema

Practical information

Sliema is a safe destination for travellers, with generally low crime rates. However, it is recommended that you take the usual precautions to protect your property and keep yourself informed of the latest safety instructions. The electrical sockets are type G, with a voltage of 230V. Local emergency numbers are 112 for police, ambulance and fire services.

Travel insurance for Malta

Travel insurance is particularly important if you plan to travel to Malta.

Although the country is relatively safe for tourists, it is always possible to encounter unforeseen situations such as health problems, lost or stolen luggage, or transport delays.

In such cases, travel insurance can help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently, without having to bear high costs or additional complications. 

Cash Management

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Frequently asked questions

Stroll along the Tower Road promenade for a beautiful coastal stroll in Sliema.

Valletta is often considered the most beautiful city in Malta with its historic architecture.

You can swim on the beaches of Sliema, such as Exiles beach or Tigné Point beach.

Take a ferry from Sliema to Comino, then reach the Blue Lagoon by boat from Comino.

Take a boat from the port of Wied iż-Żurrieq to visit the Blue Grotto.

Explore iconic places like Valletta, Mdina, the temples of Ħaġar Qim and of course the beaches of Sliema.


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