The 10 best things to do in Hong Kong

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Want to know where to go in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong, the Asian world city, leaves an impression like no other on earth with its futuristic skyscrapers looming against a glittering harbour, the horns of double-decker trams whizzing through traffic and the aroma of roast geese hanging from the store windows. To help first-time travelers make the most of their trip, we have carefully selected the best places to visit in Hong Kong. We are confident that these must-see sites in Hong Kong will make you fall in love with the city.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island, offers a 360° panoramic view of the cityscape with its skyscrapers. It is best visited at dusk for panoramic daytime views and stunning nighttime views. The horizon stretches from Victoria Harbor to the New Territories. During the evening, the panoramic view transforms into a dazzling galaxy of lights. Visitors can also visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Peak Tower and Sky Terrace 428. To reach Victoria Peak, take the Peak Tram, one of the oldest and famous tram lines in the world, which rises to 396 meters above sea level. The steep slopes provide a unique visual experience for visitors.

Star Ferry

Since 1888, the Star Ferry has connected Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. The Star Ferry ride is listed as one of National Geographic's 50 Places to Visit in a Lifetime. If you are visiting Hong Kong, taking the Star Ferry to see Victoria Harbor will be an unforgettable experience. It is one of the most affordable ways to visit Hong Kong. Hop aboard the lovely ferry, relax with a nice cup of coffee or soak up the sun on the open deck while enjoying the cool sea breeze. It will be a rare and pleasant experience to admire the Symphony of Lights if you take it at night.

The Symphony of Lights

The largest permanent projection of lights and sounds in the world, you shouldn't miss the Symphony of Lights if you want to experience incredible nightlife in Hong Kong. It is the largest permanent light and sound show in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The show features 42 different buildings and begins each evening at 8:00 p.m. for a duration of 13 minutes and 40 seconds. The show is divided into five main themes that take viewers on a unique journey showcasing the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong. The best places to see the Symphony of Lights are the Avenue of Stars, the Hong Kong Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui and the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai. Plus, seeing the Star Ferry floating across Victoria Harbor is a fun way to enjoy the light and sound show.

Ocean Park

The second largest theme park in Hong Kong, Ocean Park is a great place for families with children. It is a marine theme park and amusement park located in the Southern District of Hong Kong, in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Shan. It is the second largest theme park in Hong Kong after Hong Kong Disneyland. Adventures in Australia, Shark Mystique, Polar Adventure, North and South Pole Tour in One Day, Old Hong Kong, Thrill Mountain, Rainforest, Aqua City and Amazing Asian Animals are some of the park's attractions. It is one of the best places where you can spend a whole day enjoying the different attractions and adventures with your family. You'll have no shortage of activities to do while you're at Ocean Park.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

This temple has a wonderful atmosphere. Wong Tai Sin Temple, built in 1973, is a Taoist temple in Hong Kong dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, a divine healer. According to legend, he transformed rocks into sheep and learned to make an herbal potion to cure all illnesses. Today, the temple is a popular destination for Hong Kong society, including retirees, businessmen, parents and young professionals. Visitors can pray and predict the future using makeshift bamboo wands, interpreted by diviners. Wong Tai Sin Temple is a great place to observe local people and prayers from around the world. Visitors can also explore the nearby Goodwi Gardens to take photos.

Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Monastery

A tranquil classic Chinese garden nestled in the heart of the city. You can take a stroll through the calm Nan Lian Garden in the heart of Kowloon to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong for a while. Diamond Hill is home to a classical Chinese garden open to the public in the style of the Tang Dynasty. Every hill, every rock, every body of water, every plant and every wooden structure on the massive 3.5 hectare property was positioned according to certain principles and methods. Highlights include a lotus pond and a beautiful red wooden arch bridge. You can also include Chi Lin Monastery, built in 1934 in the Tang Dynasty style, in your itinerary. This monastery is the largest collection of hand-carved wooden buildings in the world, demonstrating a unique level of artistry in ancient architecture. A walk around the temples, lotus ponds and bonsai trees is very pleasant.

Hong Kong History Museum

An overview of Hong Kong's history and popular culture. If you only have time to visit one museum, choose the Hong Kong History Museum. His brief overview of the territory's archaeology, natural history, anthropology and local cultures will help you understand the context of your visit to Hong Kong. Visit Hong Kong History for a fascinating journey through the territory's history, beginning with the natural environment and ancient Hong Kong 6,000 years ago, and concluding with the territory's return to China in 1997. Plus, you'll learn about Hong Kong's popular culture and customs, including colorful replicas of ancestral houses, traditional clothing and beds, a recreation of an arched central street dating from 1881, as well as 'a tour of Hong Kong's urban culture.

Magic Kingdom at Hong Kong Disneyland

The best place for a family with children. Hong Kong is one of six cities in the world to have its own Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland, China's first Disneyland, is a great option for families with children. Hong Kong Disneyland is the city's largest theme park, located on Lantau Island. The park is divided into seven themed areas: Main Street (The main street of Disneyland in the United States), Fantasy Land (Wonderland), Adventure Land (The land of adventure), Tomorrowland (The land of tomorrow) , Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land. It is worth spending half or a full day immersing yourself in this paradise of exciting activities and exceptional shows.

Stanley Market

A quiet coastal village on the south coast of Hong Kong Island. Stanley Beach Resort, located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island, about 13 km from Central, will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and offer you wonderful sea views. Stanley Market is a great place to buy plus size clothing, handicrafts, handbags and various gifts such as chopsticks, tea sets, tablecloths, games, lanterns and jade charms with your zodiac animal . You will have a great time looking around on a sunny day. The market winds through small lanes towards the waterfront and Stanley Promenade. Stanley's boardwalk has cafes, gourmet shops, an ice cream parlor and a playground. This is a fantastic half or full day trip to combine with Repulse Bay and the fishing village of Aberdeen.

Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

Sky 100 is another great place to enjoy panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, the Hong Kong skylines and even Macau. Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, the city's highest indoor observation deck, is located on the 100th floor of the Hong Kong International Commerce Center (ICC), the largest structure in Hong Kong. It is best to go there at sunset to enjoy the best scenery. In addition to the breathtaking views, you can learn about different aspects of Hong Kong in the high-tech Sky Zone, which offers virtual and augmented reality experiences, as well as the 28-meter-long media wall , which features 100 fascinating local stories and anecdotes. You can take the elevator from the second to the 100th floor in less than 60 seconds. There is also a cafe and a souvenir shop. Hope this list of selected places will make you have a pleasant stay in Hong Kong.

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