Top 5 of the best hotels in Deauville / Trouville sur Mer

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Deauville / Trouville sur mer is the most glamorous seaside destination of Normandy, a gem of style and culture, famous for being the place where Coco Chanel opened her very first Chanel boutique.

In addition, the annual Deauville art and music festivals – without count the international American film festival – make Deauville shine and attract tourists from all over the world!

If you are planning to spend your next vacation in Deauville, this article is for you! I collected a selection of the 5 best hotels in Deauville and its surroundings, and there is something for everyone!

These hotels range from €130 to €370 per night, and I will describe them in descending order. Be sure to book early, especially if you are going in summer, during the festival season or D-Day commemorations of 39-45 where it is advisable to book more than 6 months in advance!

Hotel Barrière Le Royal Deauville – the best luxury hotel

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This one is simply out of the ordinary, and yet in the heart of Deauville! It may cost you, but what is life without a little extravagance? The rooms are elegant and stylish and each has its own golden balcony. The “Diane Barrière” spa is the ideal place to escape.

Little more " : As Normandy tends to be a little chilly, the heated outdoor swimming pool will offer you the perfect respite! You can rent bikes, spend time in the theater lounge, take a pilates class, use the tennis courts or walk a few minutes to spend your hard-earned money at the Deauville casino!

Nothing is impossible at the Royal, so if you want to feel a little special, it's a once-in-a-lifetime hotel!

Important : Remember that this smart hotel closes its doors in winter, between November and April.

Hotel Barrière le Normandy – the best place for celebrities

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If you want to spend time with the stars and celebrities, this is the place to go!

This hotel is part of the same hotel chain as the Royal, but you will be happy to know that it is much cheaper!

Located just minutes from the Promenade des Planches, this Norman-style hotel is very romantic and has incredible amenities such as an indoor pool and spa, fitness room and even a private beach!

And if you choose the room with terrace, you won't be disappointed – it's like you have your own haven of peace 🙂 with a 360 degree view of the English Channel.


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Pierre & Vacances Residence – the best for families

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The residence Pierre & Vacances Premium Presqu’Ile de la Touques is the recommended address for families! An indoor and outdoor pool, spa and fitness center, bike rentals, and pets are even allowed, so you can bring the whole family. There are plenty of amenities for kids and adults, you probably won't want to leave!

The hotel is located a few minutes from Deauville station, which allows you to easily come and stay by train from Paris and its region, and you have an entire suite for your stay, with a terrace, a living room, a kitchen with a coffee machine, and bedrooms! Plus, there's even free private parking!

The manors of Tourgéville – luxury country manor

Google map : Location

For all countryside lovers, you will love it this place. A palace-like structure, surrounded by lush vegetation, just a 10-minute drive from Deauville beach, they have all the amenities you could want, like a tennis court, a spa, and they even have a small cinema room for their guests!

One of the best features of this fairytale hotel is its incredible bistro-restaurant. You will taste traditional and warm Norman cuisine, served through the ages, with a little touch of modernity. It's the perfect way to end a day of shopping!

This address is also renowned for organizing events such as a princess wedding or a business seminar.

Hotel le chantilly – for a central getaway full of charm

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If you prefer to be in the heart of the action, the Hotel Le Chantilly is ideal. The staff are very helpful and although the hotel is in the center of Deauville, the rooms are very quiet and private.

What I know you will love about this hotel is their “Relax Time”. This is a daily ritual that takes place every evening and during which you can enjoy a wonderful tasting menu of local products such as cheese, cider and fresh juices made in the region!

Important : This property is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible as it is an old building.

Deauville is very busy (especially during the summer, festival period), so make sure you book everything!

You can also find beautiful addresses of hotels and residences in the town of Trouville-sur-Mer adjacent to Deauville and separated by the Touques channel.

I hope you have an AMAZING stay, and if you need help with anything else, drop me a line in the comments and I'll be happy to help!

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