The 9 best activities to do in Milos

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From Kleftico you can admire the impressive white cliffs and natural caves inaccessible on foot. It’s a beautiful place to explore by boat.

Plaka Beach

One of the many picturesque beaches on the southern coast of Milos, Plaka Beach is surrounded by cliffs in red, brown and yellow colors. The water is calm and shallow, ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos is a peaceful beach located near a charming little fishing port. The whitewashed fishermen's houses create a picturesque atmosphere. The mix of pebbles and white sand and the clear water make this beach a true haven of peace.

Catacombs of Milos

The catacombs of Milos dating from the 1st century AD are comparable to those of Rome and Jerusalem. It is a fascinating place to visit to learn about the history and culture of the island.

Ancient Theater of Milos

Located just 200 meters from the catacombs, this theater offers stunning views of the natural harbor and surrounding hills. This historic monument dates from the Hellenistic era and was rebuilt after the destruction of the city by the Athenians during the Roman era.

Plaka Castle

At the top of the village of Plaka is the Venetian castle dating from the 13th century. Although not much remains of this castle, the climb is worth it for the panoramic views of the island.


Paleorima is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, surrounded by the ruins of an old sulfur mine. The Milos Mining Museum will allow you to learn more about the difficult working conditions of that time.

Cave of Sykia

Sykia Cave is a natural wonder accessible only by boat. The clear water and white rock formations make it an enchanting place to visit and discover by diving into the sparkling water.

Paleochori Beach

Paleochori Beach offers a unique swimming experience. Located in the southeast of the island, it is bordered by stratified rocks in red and yellow colors. The clear water may seem warm due to the hot springs below. Now it's time to share with us your favorite activities in Milos. Do you have any suggestions we missed? Tell us in the comments section!

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