What to do in Bangkok, Thailand: 10 must-do activities

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Welcome to Bangkok, the dazzling capital of Thailand, located along the majestic Chao Phraya River. If you're wondering what to do in Bangkok for an experience that combines historical treasures and effervescent modernity, you've come to the right place.

In this captivating article, we invite you to an immersive exploration of the essentials of this bewitching city, where every street corner reveals striking contrasts and unique experiences. 

From its majestic temples to its lively markets, passing by its oases of serenity in the heart of the urban effervescence, discover how Bangkok will seduce you at every moment.

Immerse yourself in Bangkok's Unique Atmosphere


As you explore Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, a very unique atmosphere will envelop you. This town, which has never undergone colonization, exudes an authentic and unique atmosphere that distinguishes it from all the others. Indeed, it is the living reflection of a deeply rich culture that blends harmoniously with modernity.  

The authenticity of the locals, their warm smiles and their legendary hospitality add to the special atmosphere of Bangkok. Bustling markets, peaceful shrines and bustling streets invite you to fully immerse yourself in this dynamic city.

For those wondering what to do in Bangkok to feel this exceptional atmosphere, the options are endless. From visits to ancestral temples to strolls through modern neighborhoods, each experience helps to weave the intricate fabric of this captivating city.Detect new text

Relaxation and Tradition at Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple
Google map : Location

During your stay in Bangkok, treat yourself to a break of relaxation and tradition at the legendary temple of Wat Pho. This revered place goes far beyond its status as a place of worship, home to the ancient art of traditional Thai massage. An experience that harmoniously combines spirituality and relaxation in the heart of this soothing sanctuary.

The Ancient Art of Traditional Massage

Also known as Wat Phra Chetuphon, this iconic temple features air-conditioned massage pavilions, where experienced practitioners will introduce you to centuries-old Thai healing techniques. In addition to rejuvenating massages, Wat Pho is also home to the Open University of Traditional Thai Medicine, adding a healing dimension to the spiritual experience.

Tips for Enjoying the Experience

  • For the best experience, it is recommended to book your massage session in advance, given the high demand for the pavilions.
  • Arrive early enough to allow you to explore the temple's expansive courtyards and admire the famous Reclining Buddha.

Long Tail Boat Tour in Thonburi Canals

Thonburi Canals
Google map : Location

To immerse yourself in local Bangkok life, don't miss the chance to join a long-tail boat tour on the Thonburi Canal. This sightseeing experience will transport you to a real world, offering fascinating and insightful insight into the daily lives of locals living along these winding waterways.  

Key Boarding Points

Several major embarkation points allow you to begin your river adventure. Tha Thien, located near Wat Arun temple, Tha Phra Athit in the historic district, Tha Chang and Tha Oriental are among the popular departure locations. Each offers a unique perspective on the city's hidden gems and immerses you in stunning urban and natural landscapes.

An Intimate View of Local Life

Several major embarkation points allow you to begin your river adventure. Tha Thien, located near Wat Arun temple, Tha Phra Athit in the historic district, Tha Chang and Tha Oriental are among the popular departure locations. Each offers a unique perspective on the city's hidden gems and immerses you in stunning urban and natural landscapes.


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The Unforgettable Chatuchak Experience: A World Apart

Chatuchak market
Google map : Location

If you are wondering what to do in Bangkok to live an experience like no other, a visit to the Chatuchak market is imperative. This vibrant market is more than just a shopping destination; it is a total immersion in a world of discoveries and wonders. In Chatuchak, every nook and cranny reveals a myriad of treasures that will captivate your senses and arouse your curiosity.

Diversified Sections, Multiple Treasures

With its carefully curated sections, Chatuchak is a paradise for treasure hunters. From antiques to handcrafted items, unique clothing to trendy accessories, you'll find it all in this global marketplace. The various neighborhoods are brimming with amazing produce, from exquisite knick-knacks, authentic souvenirs, and even plants and flowers for gardening enthusiasts.

The Essence of Local Life

Chatuchak isn't just a market, it's a window into Bangkok's bustling local life. Enthusiastic sellers and eager buyers create an electric atmosphere, where languages mingle in a symphony of cultural diversity. Strolling through the alleys of the market will allow you to soak up the soul of the city and connect with its social fabric.

Immerse yourself in the Authenticity of Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market
Google map : Location

If you're looking for an authentic off-the-beaten-track experience, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is a hidden gem that will introduce you to traditional Bangkok. Unlike the usual tourist places, this market offers a real immersion in local life. Here, boat vendors offer a wide variety of fresh, prepared produce right before your eyes, giving you a real taste of Thai culture.  

A Dive into Flavors and Colors

Navigating through the canals of Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market is a unique sensory experience. Boat stalls are brimming with colorful tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and a variety of mouth-watering Thai dishes. Not only will you be able to admire the fresh produce, but also watch the skillful vendors preparing traditional dishes to order. It's a chance to taste the authenticity of local cuisine.

A Picturesque Boat Ride

Apart from the culinary delights, the floating market experience also includes a scenic boat ride. You'll be transported along the tranquil canals, where you can watch local life unfold along the banks. Be captivated by the traditional stilt houses and peaceful riverside landscapes, which create a picturesque backdrop for your exploration.

Immerse yourself in the history of Jim Thompson and Thai Silk

What to do in Bangkok: Jim Thompson's house
Google map : Location

When exploring Bangkok, be sure to visit the home of Jim Thompson, an iconic figure who contributed greatly to the promotion of Thai silk and the preservation of traditional art. This traditional teak mansion is not just a house but a living testimony to Thai history and culture.  

The Promoter of Thai Silk

Jim Thompson, an American with a passion for Thailand, is famous for revitalizing the Thai silk industry. He played an important role in integrating modern patterns and colors with traditional weaving methods, creating unique designs that were popular around the world. Her home is an expression of her love for Thai culture and her commitment to local craftsmanship.  

A Place Steeped in History

Jim Thompson's house is not only a museum, but also a testament to his intriguing life. Its mysterious disappearance in 1967 has left a veil of enigma, but its cultural heritage continues to shine through its collections such as Khmer sculptures, Buddha statues and unique works of art. Exploring this unique house, you will be transported into the world of Jim Thompson and understand the impact he had on the silk industry and Thai culture.

The Shard of Wat Arun: An Impressive Tower

What to do in Bangkok: visit Wat Arun
Google map : Location

During your trip to Bangkok, you will be overwhelmed by the splendor of Wat Arun, an awe-inspiring structure that stands proudly on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Nicknamed the "Temple of Dawn", Wat Arun is an architectural symphony, skillfully blending Khmer and Thai influences into its striking design.  

Night Beauty

Wat Arun at night

The charm of Wat Arun is not limited to the day; at night, the temple shines brightly, illuminated by lights that create a magical aura. The reflections of the temple in the waters of the Chao Phraya add a touch of poetry to the experience. Admiring Wat Arun at nightfall is an unforgettable experience that reveals a very special facet of its brilliance.

Deep Spiritual Meaning

Apart from its visual splendour, Wat Arun has a deep spiritual significance rooted in Buddhist culture. Its central tower, called "prang", represents Mount Meru, the center of the world in Buddhist cosmology. The elaborate decoration of the tower, with its multicolored porcelain flowers, reflects the Buddhist pure land ideal and embodies spiritual elevation.

Relaxation and Nature at Lumphini Park: Enjoy Tai-chi and Outdoor Aerobics

Lumphini Park in Bangkok
Google map : Location

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the Bangkok metropolis, Lumphini Park is your choice. Located in the heart of the city, this natural haven of peace offers a friendly escape where tranquility reigns and nature flourishes. It is a place where you can relax, rejuvenate and connect with the environment in peace.  

Enriching Outdoor Activities

Lumphini Park is a lively place where visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. On the first morning, tai chi practitioners perform graceful movements, creating a serene atmosphere. At the end of the day, group aerobics lessons are organised, an opportunity to exercise while enjoying the great outdoors and conviviality.  

The Charm of an Urban Oasis

Although it's in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, Lumphini Park is an oasis that offers much-needed respite. Long stretches of lush lawns, sparkling waters and shaded paths create the perfect setting for relaxing, picnicking or simply strolling. You will also be able to observe a variety of birds and even watch for the lizards that live discreetly in the park.  

Shopping in Bangkok: Dive into the Malls

Bankok Thailand Shopping Malls

If you are wondering what to do in Bangkok to satisfy your shopping desires then you have come to the right place. The city is known for its lavish and diverse malls that provide an excellent shopping experience. Let yourself be tempted to dive into the world of Thai shopping by visiting these emblematic places.  

The Epicenters of Fashion and Entertainment

Bangkok is home to some of the biggest malls in Southeast Asia, each with its own personality and appeal. MBK, CentralWorld, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon are the hubs of fashion, entertainment and luxury. Whether you're looking for trendy clothes, cutting-edge electronics, or local crafts, these malls have it all. 

Enjoy the Shopping Experience

To make the most of your shopping experience in Bangkok, here are some valuable tips. First, take the time to explore the different floors and areas of each mall, as every corner contains hidden gems. Second, don't be afraid to haggle at local stores for cheap souvenirs and handicrafts. Finally, plan a gourmet holiday in one of the many restaurants and cafés to recharge your batteries after your shopping spree.  

Cultural Treasures at Wat Phra Kaew Temple and the Grand Palace

Your trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without a visit to Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, two iconic cultural sites that epitomize Thailand's history and splendor. Nestled in the heart of the city, these architectural gems will immerse you in a bygone era and leave you spellbound by their grandeur.  

The Emerald Temple

Emerald Temple
Google map : Location

Wat Phra Kaew, also known as the Emerald Temple, is home to the Emerald Buddha statue, one of Thailand's most revered statues. The intricate details of the statue and the ornaments surrounding it reflect the passion for Thai art and spirituality. The entire complex is an architectural masterpiece, with richly decorated buildings, sparkling gilding and frescoes depicting religious and mythological scenes.

The Grand Palais: An Imperial Radiance

The Grand Palace in Bangkok
Google map : Location

Right next to Wat Phra Kaew is the majestic Royal Palace, a royal residence for more than two centuries. The intricate architecture and intricate details of the palace speak to the elegance and sophistication of the ancient Thai court. Among the most notable buildings, Chakri Mahaprasat stands out for its unique blend of Thai and Western influences.  

The Treasures on Display

As you explore Wat Phra Kaew temple and the Grand Palace, you will marvel at the cultural treasures on display around every corner. From delicate carvings to dramatic murals, every detail tells a rich and complex story. The buildings and halls also unveil precious artifacts and historical relics, providing a fascinating insight into Thai culture and history.

Discover Wat Pho and its Reclining Buddha Statue

Wat Pho and its Reclining Buddha Statue Bangkok
Google map : Location

A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without a visit to Wat Pho and the famous Reclining Buddha. This sacred site is a gateway to Thai spirituality and art, offering a fascinating experience that takes you on a journey through time and culture.  

The Reclining Buddha: Symbol of Serenity

The centerpiece of Wat Pho temple is the Reclining Buddha statue, a massive construction measuring 46 meters in length. The image of Buddha at the time of his parinirvana is a symbol of Thai Buddhism. The intricate details of the statue, from the ornate mother-of-pearl feet to the folds of the pleated panels, demonstrate the skill of the craftsmen and their dedication to lifelike expression. 

Artistic and Historical Details

Wat Pho temple is more than just a place of worship, it is a cultural and historical treasure. The temple's architectural details, colorful murals, and artistic carvings reflect Buddhist aesthetics and philosophy. You can also admire the 108 bronze bowls lined up in the hallway of the temple, representing the qualities of the Buddha.

Plan Your Stay in Bangkok

Now that you've explored Bangkok's must-sees, it's time to plan your stay in this captivating city. Here are some tips to maximize your experience and take full advantage of all that Bangkok has to offer.

  • Recommended Duration: 4 Days of Adventure. To fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Bangkok and discover all its facets, we recommend that you plan a stay of at least 4 days.
  • Create Your Personalized Itinerary : Before your trip, take the time to plan your itinerary according to your interests and preferences. If you are a culture buff, be sure to join the historic temples and cultural sites tour.
  • Share Your Recommendations: If you've visited Bangkok and have any other recommendations to share, feel free to leave them in the comments. Personal tips and experiences are invaluable for travelers wishing to explore the city.  
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What to do in Bangkok: An Invitation to Explore

As you explore Bangkok's must-sees, you've traveled through a mosaic of captivating experiences and unique discoveries. This city in constant effervescence unveiled its historical treasures, its vibrant culture and its intriguing contrasts. So what to do in Bangkok to make the most of your stay?

Immerse yourself in the Unique Atmosphere

Bangkok has given you a glimpse of its fascinating personality, blending tradition and modernity in a way never seen elsewhere. The enchanting atmosphere of the city, with its majestic temples, bustling markets, lavish shopping malls and peaceful parks, captivates you around every corner.  

Plan Your Adventure

The call to action is on: plan your Bangkok adventure. By following our advice and creating your own personalized itinerary, you will discover a city that continues to surprise and amaze travelers from all over the world. Allow plenty of time to explore every corner, get lost in the alleys and immerse yourself in Thai culture.

An Invitation to Exploration

In conclusion, Bangkok is much more than just a tourist destination. It is an invitation to exploration, discovery and total immersion in an atmosphere that combines tradition and modernity. So what to do in Bangkok? Let yourself be carried away by the vibrant energy of the Thai capital and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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