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Discover the magic of Colombia: A vibrant country with a thousand colors!

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Prepare for your trip to Colombia

Immerse yourself in the heart of Colombia, a fascinating and enchanting country where cultural and natural diversity takes you on an unforgettable journey. Located in the northwest of South America, Colombia is full of unexpected treasures waiting to be explored.

Between its dynamic cities, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes, Colombia offers a multitude of unique experiences. Bogotá, the capital, welcomes you with its bustling streets, colonial architecture, and its famous Gold Museum, where you can admire incredibly beautiful artifacts.

Cartagena Bay
Historic Center of Cartagena



52 million inhabitants


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When is the best time to visit Colombia?

Colombia can be visited throughout the year as it enjoys a diverse climate due to its proximity to the equator. However, the best time to visit the country depends on the regions you wish to explore.

If you plan to visit coastal regions such as Cartagena, Barranquilla, or Santa Marta, the ideal period is usually between December and March when temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is lower. It's also the perfect season to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea

If you intend to visit the inland regions such as Bogotá, Medellín, or the coffee region, temperatures are generally more stable throughout the year due to their altitude. However, the dry season, which extends from December to March and from June to August, is often considered the best time to visit these regions

It is worth noting that due to its varied topography, Colombia can experience microclimates and temperature variations from one region to another. Therefore, it is recommended to consult specific weather forecasts for the region you plan to visit

In summary, Colombia can be visited year-round, but if you want to enjoy the coastal regions, prioritize the period between December and March. Meanwhile, the dry season from December to March and from June to August is ideal for exploring the inland regions of the country.

Travel ideas in Colombia

The best flights to Colombia

What to do, what to see: Top 5 attractions in Colombia.

Colombian cuisine.

Welcome to the delicious world of Colombian gastronomy! Explore the culinary delights of a country rich in flavors, traditions, and diversity. Colombia offers a palette of authentic dishes that reflect the history, geography, and passion of its culture. From the Caribbean coast to the peaks of the Andes, and the vast plains of the Orinoco, each region has its own specialties and unique ingredients.






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Transportation in Colombia


If you want to cover long distances quickly, flying is the ideal choice. Colombia has a well-developed air network, connecting major cities and tourist destinations throughout the country. National airlines offer regular domestic flights to facilitate your travel.


Buses are a popular and economical means of travel in Colombia. Bus companies provide regular and comfortable services, connecting different cities and regions of the country. Buses are available in various categories, ranging from local public buses to luxury buses with reclining seats and air conditioning.


Major Colombian cities like Bogota, Medellin, and Cali have modern and efficient metro systems. These public transportation systems provide a convenient alternative for moving quickly within urban areas.


Taxis are easily accessible in Colombian cities. Make sure to take official taxis, identifiable by their signs and meters. Taxi booking applications are also common in Colombia, providing an additional option for safe transportation.


If you prefer to explore Colombia at your own pace, car rental is an option to consider. Car rental agencies are available in major cities and major airports. However, note that driving in Colombia can be chaotic, especially in densely populated urban areas.

Taxi bike

In certain regions, especially on the Caribbean coast, moto-taxis are commonly used for short trips. It is a convenient option for quick and cost-effective transportation, but make sure to choose authorized drivers and take appropriate safety measures.

The living cost in Colombia

Average Salary in Morocco.
The cost of living is very affordable. 30%

Discover the cost of living in Colombia and prepare to explore the country by understanding typical expenses. Whether you are planning a short visit or a longer-term stay, understanding the cost of living will help you better plan your budget and fully enjoy your Colombian experience.


The cost of housing in Colombia varies depending on the region and the type of accommodation you are looking for. Major cities like Bogota, Medellin, and Cali offer a range of housing options, from modern apartments to traditional houses and affordable shared accommodations. Rent prices can vary significantly based on location and amenities offered.

Overall, housing costs in Colombia are generally more affordable than in many other countries, providing an opportunity to find accommodation suitable for various budgets.


Colombia is renowned for its delicious and affordable cuisine. Food options are diverse, ranging from local street food vendors to upscale restaurants. If you prefer dining out, restaurant menus often offer a range of dishes at affordable prices.

For those who enjoy cooking at home, local markets offer a wide variety of fresh produce at affordable prices. Overall, the cost of food in Colombia is reasonable, allowing you to savor the unique flavors of the country without breaking the bank.


Transportation in Colombia is generally affordable and offers several options for getting around. Public transportation fares, such as buses and metros, are low, making them cost-effective choices for travel within cities.

Taxis are also readily available and affordable, although prices may vary from region to region. If you plan to travel long distances, domestic flights are also available at competitive rates. Overall, transportation costs in Colombia are reasonable, allowing you to move around easily and cost-effectively.


Colombia offers a wealth of entertainment options to suit every taste and budget. Whether you want to attend cultural events, visit museums, explore tourist attractions, or enjoy vibrant nightlife, there are plenty of choices. Entertainment prices vary depending on the activity and location.

Local festivals and cultural events are often accessible at affordable rates, while popular tourist attractions may have slightly higher entrance fees. Overall, Colombia offers great value for entertainment, allowing you to fully enjoy everything the country has to offer without breaking the bank.

Practical Information

As with any trip, it is important to take safety precautions in Colombia. Avoid wearing conspicuous valuables and keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Familiarize yourself with areas to avoid and follow the advice of local authorities to ensure your safety.


Travel insurance is especially important if you plan to travel to Colombia.

Although the country is relatively safe for tourists, it is always possible to encounter unforeseen situations such as health problems, lost or stolen luggage, or transport delays.

In such cases, travel insurance can help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently, without having to bear high costs or additional complications. 

Passeport and Visa

Foreign travelers must have a valid passport to enter Colombia. Most countries do not require a visa for short-term tourist stays (typically up to 90 days). However, it is recommended to check the specific requirements based on your nationality before traveling.

Health and vaccinations

Before traveling to Colombia, it is recommended to consult your doctor to ensure that your vaccinations are up to date. Some common recommended vaccinations include yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and typhoid fever. It is also advisable to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses in case of need.

Culture and customs

Colombia has a rich and diverse culture. Respect local customs by dressing modestly in religious places, greeting people politely, and avoiding sensitive topics in conversations.

Money and finances in Colombia


During your trip to Colombia, it is important to consider bank fees to manage your financial transactions effectively. The simplest and recommended way is to open a bank account. Revolution Metal.

Here are the advantages of having a Revolut Metal account for your trips

  1. Currency conversion free of charge Revolut enables instant and transparent currency conversions without hidden fees. You can load your Revolut account with your local currency and convert money to Colombian pesos (COP) at the real exchange rate, thus avoiding the costly commissions charged by traditional currency exchange offices.

  2. Use without borders With Revolut, your account is usable worldwide. You can make online and in-store payments, withdraw cash from ATMs, and even use your Revolut card to pay for public transportation and taxis in Colombia. This saves you from carrying large amounts of cash and facilitates your daily transactions.

  3. Security and Control Revolut offers advanced security options to protect your account. You can easily enable and disable your card in real-time through the app if needed. Additionally, the Revolut app allows you to track your expenses in real-time, set spending limits, and receive instant notifications for each transaction, giving you full control over your finances.

  4. Budget and savings Revolut offers budgeting features that help you track your expenses during your trip. You can create budgets for different spending categories such as accommodation, food, and tourist activities. Additionally, you can round up your purchases to save money automatically in a separate savings account.

  5. 24/7 Support In case of any issues, Revolut's support team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can contact them through the app or the website for any questions or concerns related to your account or transactions.

In such cases, travel insurance can help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently, without having to bear high costs or additional complications. 

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