Nicaragua: Top 10 Unmissable Activities

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The Granada Islands

Nicaragua is home to 365 small islands forming an archipelago known as Las Isletas or the Granada Islands due to their location southeast of the colonial city of Granada. The islands are over 25,000 years old and were initially formed from the ash and stones of the Mombacho volcano. Some islands are deserted, while others have eco-lodges. Hicaro Lodge Island is an example.

The Corn Islands

In the Caribbean Sea, about 70 km off the east coast of Nicaragua, lie the Corn Islands. They are ideal destinations for a quiet vacation. You can get to Big Corn, which is actually quite small, by plane from Managua. The beaches here are magnificent, with golden sand and crystal clear turquoise water that stays warm all year round.

The Masaya volcano

Protected in the country's largest national park, Masaya Volcano is one of Nicaragua's top tourist sites. Located just 20 km south of Nicaragua's capital, Managua, this active volcano offers the opportunity to get very close to the crater lip by private car. You can park right at the edge of the crater, facing your car downward in case an emergency evacuation is necessary.

Lake Nicaragua

When Spanish settlers discovered Lake Nicaragua, they thought it was a sea because it was so vast. In fact, it is the largest lake in Central America, measuring 177 km long and having an average width of 57 km. The lake is home to over 365 small islands as well as larger islands like Ometepe Island, which has two volcanoes in the center of the lake. Another interesting feature of Lake Nicaragua is that it is the only freshwater lake home to marine animals such as sharks.

San Juan del Sur

Located in southwest Nicaragua on the Emerald Coast, near the border with Costa Rica, San Juan del Sur is a bustling town with a large surfing community and an excellent beach for surfing. The city itself is filled with colorful buildings and murals. On top of a hill overlooking the town is a large statue of Christ of Mercy, which offers stunning views of the town, particularly magnificent at sunset.

Somoto Canyon

Accidentally discovered in 2004 by two Czech geologists, Somoto Canyon is now a protected site in northern Nicaragua, about a 2.5-hour drive from Leon. The landscapes are magnificent and it is also a perfect destination for adrenaline seekers. You can book 4- or 6-hour descents through the narrowest section of the canyon, which involve rock climbing, tubing down rapids, and jumping from high cliffs into deep pools.

Ometepe Island

Ometepe Island lies in Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Central America, and is home to the Granada Islands. The island has not one, but two volcanoes, both of which can be climbed. The Maderas volcano, in the south of the island, is less active than the Concepción volcano in the north. The hike to the summit of Maderas will take you to a beautiful crater lake. There is also an impressive waterfall at the base, which cascades almost 50m in height down a rock wall.


Colorful Granada is a wonderful old neighborhood to explore for an afternoon. It is home to well-preserved architecture, including several buildings and churches built in the Spanish colonial style. Don't miss the San Francisco Convent, one of the oldest churches in Central America, recognizable by its Tiffany blue facade. Inside, you'll find one of Nicaragua's best museums dedicated to the country's pre-Columbian people.

Miraflor Nature Reserve

From swimming at the foot of icy waterfalls to horseback riding or hiking in search of the 300 or so species of birds living here, including the vibrant Queen's Hummingbird, there's plenty to keep you entertained naturally at the nature reserve. from Miraflor. This reserve in northern Nicaragua covers three different climatic zones, including dry forest and cloud forest. Visitors can also participate in community tourism projects, such as visiting coffee cooperatives.

APO Lagoon Nature Reserve

Less than 30 minutes' drive from Granada, APO Lagoon Nature Reserve is a gigantic volcanic lake that was created over 20,000 years ago when the cone of the original volcano collapsed. The lake is about 198m deep and so big that when the wind blows strong enough there are waves big enough for windsurfing. The lake is also fed by volcanic springs which keep the water warm and slightly salty. Now your turn ! What are your favorite activities in Nicaragua? Is there anything we forgot? Leave us your comments and don't forget to like this video and subscribe to Greenable so you don't miss any of our latest posts.

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