The 10 Essential Tips for a Successful First Trip

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Welcome to this article where I will answer a question that I have been asked several times in the comments on YouTube and Instagram. This question is quite interesting, so I decided to make an article about it. Today, I'm going to share my advice for a first trip, whether solo or accompanied. If you have never taken this step and are wondering how it happens, what aspects to take into account and what are the best tips to follow, you are in the right place.

Find out about the destination

The first crucial tip for anyone looking to travel for the first time is to research your chosen destination carefully. This includes knowing the best time to go, seasons to avoid, entry formalities such as visas and COVID testing. Use reliable sources like Google, blogs, YouTube videos or travel guides to gather this information and make an informed decision.

Choose a suitable destination

Opt for a destination that is not too complex in terms of formalities, distance and which will not put you in uncomfortable cultural or linguistic situations, especially if it is your first trip. Avoid destinations that are very different from your usual culture, and perhaps favor a country in the European Union to avoid visa problems and lower plane ticket costs if you need to rush back.

Don't sacrifice quality for price

On your first trip, don't just look at prices. Sometimes distant airports have cheaper flights, but this can make it more difficult to get to the city center. It may be better to spend a little more on plane tickets or conveniently located accommodations, avoiding the stress and hassle of transportation.

Select your accommodation wisely

Be careful when choosing your accommodation. Hostels are not always suitable for everyone. Use reviews and comments to choose a suitable hostel. If you are a woman traveling alone, opt for all-female dorms and favor smaller dorms for a more pleasant experience.

Establish a realistic budget

Don't neglect the budget on your first trip. Make a list of paid and free activities you want to do, check their prices, and make sure your budget fits the destination. Avoid underestimating your expenses, as this can negatively affect your travel experience.

Download a dictionary or translator

Before you go, download a dictionary or translator to your phone. This can be useful in places where you don't have a network or don't have an overseas data plan. Also be sure to download the off-grid maps to apps like Google Maps for hassle-free navigation.

Prepare your itinerary in detail

Organizing your itinerary is essential. Note the days and times attractions are open, activity prices, and the time required for each. This will allow you to optimize your time there and avoid disappointments, such as closed attractions.

Make reservations in advance

If you're traveling to very touristy destinations, be sure to make reservations in advance, whether for activities or restaurants. This will ensure you have a hassle-free experience, without having to worry about sold out tickets or full tables.

Communicate and share experiences

Before you leave, communicate with people who have already visited the destination. Use social networks, forums or Facebook groups dedicated to travel. Sharing experiences can give you valuable advice and reassure you about your choice of destination.

Follow safety rules

Finally, always follow safety rules no matter where you go. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid sharing sensitive information, and use caution, especially at night. Safety is essential to ensure a pleasant trip.

In conclusion, a well-prepared first trip is the key to a successful experience. Take the time to plan, educate yourself and establish a detailed itinerary. Follow these tips, and your adventure will not only be memorable but also worry-free. Remember to enjoy every moment and open yourself to new experiences. Have a good trip !


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