Medellín: Magical Exploration at Explora Park

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Welcome to Medellín, a city rich in history and surprises. Today we explore a little-known gem that deserves much more attention. “Why isn’t this park more crowded?” ”, you may be wondering. The answer can be found at Parc Explora, a park dedicated to science and technology that offers a unique experience. Follow me as we dive into this fascinating adventure.

Discovery of Explora Park

Easy Access

Parc Explora is easily accessible by metro from the university station. Go down the stairs, and you are at the entrance to this captivating science park. Upon arrival, the magic happens, and you understand why so many foreign visitors are attracted here.

The Variety of Attractions

The park provides a public space dedicated to science and knowledge, contributing to the social transformation of Medellín. From open-air aquariums to dinosaurs, each attraction is a window into the transmission of knowledge. Entrance prices vary, but the experience is invaluable.

The Spectacular Aquarium

One of the centerpieces of the park is its aquarium, one of the largest in Latin America. Before entering, strict recommendations ensure respect for spaces and marine inhabitants. The first floor floor is home to freshwater fish, while the second floor offers immersion into the world of saltwater fish. Each resident was rescued from animal trafficking or donated by other zoos.

Exploration of Interactive Rooms

The Children's Room

Although access to the children's room is unfortunately limited, it remains a fascinating space. The children's room offers a detailed view of the lives of Colombian birds, shedding light on species believed to be Colombian but which are only passing through.

The Television and Radio Room

If you are passionate about the beginnings of television, this room is for you. Original models, captivating information and interactive games pay homage to the history of television. Dinosaur lovers won't be disappointed either, with a room dedicated to these fascinating creatures.

The Music Room

One of the most popular attractions is the music room. From traditional instruments to Colombian rhythms, every visitor can actively participate. Test your musical knowledge and percussion skills in this immersive experience.

An Educational and Fun Experience

What really sets Explora Park apart is its interactive approach to learning. At each station, children and adults can play while absorbing knowledge. Languages are not a barrier, as each room offers information in Spanish and English, expanding accessibility.

Where to buy Tickets?

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In conclusion, my visit to the Explora Park in Medellín exceeded all expectations. This one-of-a-kind park offers the perfect combination of entertainment and education. From interactive rooms and impressive aquariums to musical attractions, every corner has a surprise. For those looking for a memorable experience in Medellín, Explora Park is a must. Don't delay in planning your visit, and you will understand why this park is a true little-known gem.

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