Conservation Park in Medellín: A Sanctuary for Endangered Wildlife

The Medellin Conservation Park
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Welcome everyone, dear readers! Today, let's delve into the fascinating adventure of the Conservation Park in Medellín, a gem that came to life on September 15, 2020. After 60 years of service as the Santa Fe de Medellín Zoo, this place came to life transformed into a sanctuary dedicated to the protection of wildlife. Embark with me on a captivating exploration of this space dedicated to the rehabilitation, reproduction, release and monitoring of endangered species.

The Metamorphosis from Zoo to Conservation

After a short metro ride from any station in the city, get off at Industriales station. To your left, follow the station to the end, go down some stairs, and you'll find a fleet of taxis taking you straight to the park. The cost is low, with a minimum taxi ride of 5,800 pesos, while the metro ticket is 2,550 pesos. Entrance prices are also affordable, 12,000 pesos for children and 20,000 pesos for adults. For FAMA card holders, various benefits are available to you, such as entry for only 6,000 pesos.

Meeting Endangered Species

The conservation park stands out for its commitment to the preservation of endangered species. One of the stars of this sanctuary is the spectacled bear, whose reproduction is at the heart of concerns. Only Latin American specimens, three bears, two females and one male, reside here. Their presence underlines the urgency of saving this species.

Discovery of Biodiversity

The park is also home to invasive species, such as the fascinating “serpiente del Maíz”. This section, although discreet, offers a unique perspective on invasive wildlife. The richness of biodiversity is highlighted, while educating visitors on the preservation of ecosystems.

Science Museum: A Window into Conservation

In the shadow of the park, the science museum attracts attention despite its restoration period. It serves as an educational place, hosting schools and raising awareness about the conservation of fauna, flora and animal territories.

Poignant Stories of Redemption

What sets this place apart is its transformation from a zoo to a conservation park. The resident animals are survivors, saved from trafficking and captivity. Poignant stories, such as that of a jaguar kept as a pet, highlight the critical need for these sanctuaries.

Challenges and Successes

The park, well maintained and run by a dedicated team, also presents environmental challenges. Hippos, descendants of those imported by Pablo Escobar from Hacienda Nápoles, have become a threat to native species along the Magdalena.

Future prospects

Beyond the recreational aspect, the park aims to educate the public about conservation and stimulate the growth of environmental awareness. Each visit helps support these worthy efforts.

Where to buy Tickets?

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Conclusion: A Step towards Harmonious Coexistence

In conclusion, the Conservation Park in Medellín offers much more than just an excursion. It is an educational journey, a dive into the diversity of wildlife, and a call to action for the preservation of our planet. Join this adventure, discover the beauty of wildlife, and contribute to the conservation of our precious biodiversity.

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