Discover the dazzling Montserrat of Bogotá

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Hello and welcome to Montserrat, the Jewel of the Heights of Bogotá

Welcome to this exciting new escape through Colombia. Today we explore an iconic place, the peaks of Bogotá, in Montserrat. Bogotá, already perched at 2400 meters above sea level, reaches incredible heights in Montserrat, peaking at around 2800 meters. In this article, we will reveal the fascinating details of my trek through this natural wonder.

Beginner Ascent on Foot

Started around 10 a.m. from the foot of Montserrat, the hike extends over approximately 2 km, a route which can also be covered by cable car or funicular. However, for challenge seekers like me, hiking offers a rewarding experience. It is essential to emphasize that this climb can be demanding, especially for those of us who reside at sea level. As a resident of Bas-Rhin, on the Caribbean coast, this escapade was a significant change in altitude. Therefore, a period of adaptation is recommended before embarking on this physical adventure.

A Sunday in Montserrat: Local Tourism at Its Peak

On Sunday, Montserrat takes on a whole new dimension. Although generally reluctant to frequent tourist places, the local nature of the crowds makes the experience unique. This is an ideal opportunity for Bogotá residents to come with their families. The children, agile and accustomed, climb the paths with ease, creating a joyful family atmosphere.

Reaching the Summits: Culture, Markets and Gastronomy

Once at the top, a majestic church welcomes visitors. On Sunday, the atmosphere is particularly lively. The local market offers a variety of products, including coca tea, recommended for acclimatization. Don't forget to try Ajiaco, a delicious soup made with chicken, corn and potatoes, a must-try Colombian dish.

Options for Reaching Montserrat

For the less adventurous, during the week, opt for the cable car or funicular, thus escaping the Sunday crowds. See below :

Practical Advice: Hydration and Sun Protection

Hiking at this altitude requires careful preparation. Be sure to hydrate and apply sunscreen liberally. The Bogotá sun can be unforgiving, and protection is essential. Montserrat regulars can be seen running with ease, even barefoot or on their knees. However, for novices, gradual adaptation is the key to an enjoyable experience.

The Joys of Montserrat at Night

A unique experience, the night climb offers a surprising calm compared to the daytime hustle and bustle. Monday evening, Montserrat is revealed in a different light, almost deserted in comparison to the frenzy of Sunday. This nocturnal tranquility offers a unique perspective of the illuminated capital, a scene not to be missed.


In short, Montserrat offers an exceptional experience to all adventurers, beginners or experienced. Explore its peaks, immerse yourself in its culture, delight in its gastronomy and appreciate the diversity of this unique destination. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments to this article, on Facebook or Instagram. It is with great pleasure that I will share all the information necessary to make your getaway as memorable as mine.

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