12 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling in 2024

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A new year is officially here and it's safe to say that travel is going to change a lot in 2024. If you don't want to be left out, this video is for you. From outdated travel myths to once-useful but outdated services, this video breaks down the top travel mistakes we won't make in 2024.

Mistake #1: Not learning about airport security protocols

Over the past two years, airport security protocols have evolved significantly. Some airports now allow you to reserve a time slot to go through security checks. Additionally, many airports are equipped with sophisticated scanners that scan your entire bag in one go, eliminating the need to remove your liquids or electronics. However, these protocols can vary from airport to airport and even terminal to terminal, so it is essential to follow specific instructions.

Mistake #2: Not learning anything about the culture of your destination

In 2024, ignorance will no longer be acceptable. Before going on a trip, it is recommended to learn at least some basics of the local language in order to be polite and have more confidence in discovering a new place. It is also important to learn about local culture and customs in order to respect the traditions of the country visited.

Mistake #3: Staying in Airbnbs

Airbnbs can sometimes be convenient, especially for long stays or large groups. However, for short stays, Airbnbs are rarely beneficial due to additional fees and sometimes unreasonable expectations from hosts. Additionally, short-term rentals can negatively impact local communities. If you still choose to stay in an Airbnb, it is advisable to take photos upon arrival and departure to avoid any unfair complaints from the host.

Mistake #4: Waiting for specific days to book flights

In the past, it was recommended to book flights on Tuesday, considered the cheapest day. However, today the majority of booking platforms use dynamic pricing models, meaning there is no specific day when prices are cheaper. It is therefore recommended to compare options, set up price alerts and monitor promotions.

Mistake #5: Not taking advantage of rewards programs

Travel can be expensive, but if you're going to travel, you're going to spend money anyway, so you might as well be rewarded for those expenses. It is recommended to research different travel credit cards that offer rewards. This can allow you to earn points or discounts on your travel expenses.

Mistake #6: Calling your bank to report your trip abroad

In the past, it was recommended to call your bank or credit card company to inform them of your trip abroad to avoid having your card blocked. However, these days, fraud detection systems are sophisticated enough to detect foreign travel. It is therefore generally unnecessary to notify your bank, but this can vary from one country to another and from one bank to another.

Mistake #7: Bringing and converting too much cash

Nowadays, many countries favor card payments over cash. There are also better alternatives to currency exchanges, such as travel cards that allow you to withdraw money from ATMs abroad without additional fees. It is recommended that you learn about these options to save money and make payments easier while traveling.

Mistake #8: Avoiding guided tours

Contrary to popular belief, guided tours are not just for tourists. They can be a great way to experience a destination, especially with the multitude of specialty tours available these days. Online reviews help separate good tours from bad ones. Guided tours can provide a better understanding of the place visited, provide local insights and support the local economy.

Mistake #9: Leaving aside tourist activities

Wanting to live like a local may be an appealing idea, but in reality, locals work and don't spend their time discovering the tourist attractions in their city. There is nothing wrong with being a tourist and visiting the iconic places of a destination. Tourist attractions are often popular for a reason, so don't be ashamed to take advantage of them.

Mistake #10: Not taking a photo of yourself

In 2024, there is no longer any shame in taking selfies or featuring yourself in travel photos. The landscapes are magnificent, but it is the memories and moments experienced in these places that are the most precious. It is completely normal and acceptable to take photos of yourself in the destinations you visit. This is what allows you to capture unique moments and preserve those special memories.


In summary, by avoiding these travel mistakes in 2024, you will be better prepared to fully enjoy your travels. Learn about safety protocols, learn about local culture, choose accommodation wisely, use rewards programs, look for cash alternatives, don't be afraid of guided tours, enjoy tourist attractions, and capture your own Souvenirs are all ways to enhance your travel experience. Have a good trip in 2024!

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